Behavioral Health Case Management Services

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Our Mission

Pickett Fences Family’s name comes from the idea that the American Dream is symbolized by a happy Family living in a house with a Pickett Fence. We named our company Pickett Fences Family because it is our goal to help the people we serve achieve their version of the American Dream.


Pickett Fences Family Stabilization and Mental Health Services of South Florida Inc. is a program developed in Florida based on the premise of advocating and encouraging the empowerment and self-reliance of consumers to pursue the highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence. We deliver quality Behavioral Health Case Management services to consumers. We believe in a holistic, goal-oriented and person-centered advocacy that includes linkage and coordination of community resources to help improve an individual’s quality of life and ultimately, achieve self-sufficiency.


Our Staff is comprised of highly-trained professionals with more than 30 years of combined practical experience working with individuals that experience trauma-related issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, severe mental illness, co-occurring disorders, developmental and learning disabilities, and parent-child conflict among all age groups.

We work with individuals and families to identify and maximize self-reliance and natural support systems such as extended family, friends, and spiritual leaders. By fostering a collaboration and coordination of community resources, support systems and professional caretakers, the Pickett Fences Family team helps consumers build a network that will provide stability as they work towards resurgence as an individual and as a family.

Our Beginning

To deliver quality Behavioral Health Case Management services rooted in goal-oriented and person-centered advocacy, linkage and coordination of community and resource services to help improve their quality of life and ultimately, self-sufficiency.

Over 30 years of

combined experience


Our locally owned and operated group is here to help you

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a community leader of excellence in providing person-centered and outcome-driven Behavioral Health Case Management services. We strive to eliminate stigma and by promoting principles of self-determination, independence and empowerment, we help individuals take control of their lives, families and futures.